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This week

Week Theme Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 (6/13) Descriptive
Room SSB-115
10:00 AM Mindfulness Monday (MM) / Intro to Biostats [SE] How to Develop a Research Question [SE] Population Sampling [JP] Descriptive Stats [JP] Intro: DAG/Causal inference [EG]
11:00 AM 11:15a: 3 minute elevator pitch Estimation
Lunch break Dim Sum
1:00 PM Responsible Conduct of Research [KS] 1:30-4:30 Recording/ Proj Research Q; Distribute data Create Table 1 [TAs] Share Table 1 [TAs]
2:00 PM Children’s Health Study [JG] Data Collection/Analysis How to read a journal article Post Table 1 on Slack by midnight
2 (6/20) Multivariable