Week Theme Mon Tues Thurs
1 (6/14) Descriptive
10 AM Mindfulness Monday (MM) / Intro to Biostats How to Develop a Research Question Population Sampling/Estimation
11 AM Responsible Conduct of Research Introduce: DAG/Causal inference
Lunch break
1 PM Children’s Health Study Descriptive Statistics Confounding
2 PM Spirometry Distribute Data set Create Table 1 Post Table 1 on Slack by midnight Friday
2 (6/21) Multivariable
10 AM MM / Guest: Prof. Stacey Finley, USC Viterbi School of Engineering Introduction To Linear Regression Multiple Linear Regression/Model Building
11 AM Meet Grad Students
Lunch break
1 PM Hypothesis Testing A: Linear Regr. in CHS [TAs] A: Model building in CHS
2 PM 2-sample tests Getting into Grad School
3 (6/28) Spatial
9 AM Presentations [CPS]
10 AM MM / Guest: Claradina Soto Logistic Regression Intro to Spatial Data & GIS[MF]
11 AM A: Share CHS models [CHS fac, TAs]
Lunch break
1 PM A: Refine Models A: LR in CHS A: GIS
2 PM
4 (7/5) GWAS
10 AM USC HOLIDAY Visualizing Spatial Data Intro to SNPs/Population Structure
11 AM
Lunch break
1 PM A: Maps of CHS data A: Layout Posters
2 PM Layout for Poster Posters on Slack by midnight Friday
5 (7/12) Data Science
10 AM MM / Guest: Albert Farias Classification Training/Testing A: Slides for Group 5-min talk [TAs]
11 AM Faculty Review Posters (11:30am) Racism in ML
Lunch break
1 PM A: Revise Posters A: Finalize Posters Share Oral Project Presentation
2 PM Writing a Personal Statement/3-min Elevator Pitch
6 (7/19) Networking
10 AM Career Day Interview Day Presentation session
11 AM Kaiser Permanente Group
Lunch break
1 PM USC Biostat Alumni LinkedIn Exit Survey
2 PM Amgen Corp. Group