This website will show updated analyses COVID19 analyses. It is currently updated with data as of Oct 15, 2020. The content currently shown corresponds to the paper Risk-stratified COVID-19 policy analysis for Los Angeles County through an integrated risk and stochastic epidemiological model. The co-authors of this paper and members of this team are shown below.


USC Department of Preventive Medicine

Abigail Horn, PhD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Applied Network Analysis, Department of Preventive Medicine

Lai Jiang, MS Biostatistics PhD Candidate

Emil Hvitfeldt, MS Research Programmer

Wendy Cozen, DO, MPH Professor of Preventive Medicine Leader, Translational Epidemiology Director, Population-based Tissue Procurement Core

Kayla de la Haye Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

David Conti, PhD Professor of Preventive Medicine Associate Director for Data Science Integration

USC Sol Price School of Public Policy

Neeraj Sood

Professor, Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs, Vice Dean for Research USC Sol Price School of Public Policy USC USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH)

Paul Simon, MD, MPH, Chief Science Officer and Director of the Division of Assessment, Planning, and Quality, LACDPH Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Will Nicholas, PhD, MPH Director, Center for Health Impact Evaluation, LACDPH

Faith Washburn, MPH Epidemiology Analyst