Some random (unordered) content can be found in the Misc section. Previous versions of this workshop: 2019.

This workshop was recorded on February 18th, 2021, and is available here.


All the contents of this repository can be downloaded from the following github repository

You can also download all the contents of this repository (including R and bash scripts) using git:

git clone

The slurmR R package can be installed directly from CRAN:


Or from Github using the remotes R package:


All the examples here can be executed using GNU make. The command line entries used to run each one of the tasks follow (see the Makefile):

module load usc r
sbatch 00-hello-world.slurm
sbatch 01-sapply.slurm
sbatch 02-mclapply.slurm
# sbatch 03-parsapply-slurmr.slurm
sbatch 04-slurm_sapply.slurm #
# Rscript -e 'slurmR::sourceSlurm("05-sapply.R", plan = "submit")'

The last example can be executed directly while on the login node

module load usc r
Rscript -e 'slurmR::sourceSlurm("05-sapply.R", plan = "submit")'

This will submit a job without the need to write a slurm script!


George G Vega Yon, Ph.D., Biostats Research Programmer