Final Project

Due date: Friday December 8th, 2023

Learning Objective: To apply the skills learned in PM 566 by analyzing and interpreting a dataset of your choice.

Narrative: Through this project you will launch a portfolio of data science projects that will become seminal for your job hunt.

Using the dataset from your midterm, make sure you have formulated a clear and concise question to answer. You will apply the skills learned throughout the semester to answer this question.


  • Written report (single spaced, 6-8 pages where 3-4 pages are tables and figures)
  • Website (summarize your analysis, include interactive figures, provide a link to download the full written report)

Written report

The actual analysis should be included in the PDF report. The PDF report can refer to interactive visualizations included in the website, but otherwise all figures and tables should be included in the PDF.

The report should have the following sections (elaborate from what was written in the midterm): Introduction (provide background on your dataset and formulated question), Methods (include how and where the data were acquired, how you cleaned and wrangled the data, what tools you used for data exploration), Results (provide final, publication ready tables and figures from your analysis, make separate subsections as needed), and a brief Conclusion and Summary where you describe your findings.

In your report, please do not include any code (so make sure echo = FALSE), unformatted output, or dataset summaries (e.g. output from head(), str(), etc.)

Website Checklist

See the checklist below for additional details about the website requirements:

  1. Create a website (HTML document and all the required files, including figures). It should feature:

    1. A brief description of the project,

    2. Interactive visualizations, also with a description so that people can understand what they are looking at, and

    3. A link to the PDF version of the actual report (i.e. a link to “Download the report.”).

    4. Your home page should feature no more than five interactive tables and figures. If you want to include more to showcase your skills, we request you do so by adding extra pages to the website. We will only evaluate the homepage of the website.

  2. Upload everything, source code, website files, and PDF report, to the GitHub repository.

  3. Make sure that the website, which is to be hosted in GitHub pages, actually works, i.e., figures and interactive visualizations are properly rendered when visiting the website.

  4. Have a file in the upper level of the repository. This file provides general information about the project, like title, brief description, etc.

  5. The file should provide a link to the website, e.g.

  6. Have a data folder with either the dataset or instructions about how to acquire it. You should provide the instructions in a file within that folder.